6 of Diamonds Paradise Bird
Illustration and card design for Playing Arts Cards, Edition 3.
Modular Wall Panels
Ensamble is a modular wall panel system, developed by Francisco Miranda (Graphic Designer) & Alejo Petrucci (Architect).
Wall Clocks
Wall Clock Design Mixed media / Diameter: 45 & 55 cm. Técnica mixta / Diámetro: 45 & 55 cm. - On sale / More info: info@tooco.com.ar www.franciscomiranda.com.ar www.tooco.com.ar
Nando Dias New Album
Art Direction, Illustration and CD Design for Nando Díaz second album "2do Acto".
The Space that Things Occupy / Solo Show
Solo Show at Beatrix Roads Gallery 2014 October-November Buenos Aires, Argentina. See more at: www.franciscomiranda.com.ar
Tecnópolis / The Challenge of Knowledge
Illustration for Tecnópolis Technology Fair of Argentina, representing the invention of the Solar Calendar.
Campari Summer Campaign / Girls
Illustration for the 2014-15 Campari Summer Campaing
Campari Summer Campaign / Orange
Illustration for the 2014-15 Campari Summer Campaing
Las Palmas Christmas
Christmas Illustration for Las Palmas Malls.
Pictoplasma Picture Gallery
Self-portrait for The Pictoplasma Picture Gallery
Las Cortaderas Country
Illustration and advertising design for Las Cortaderas Country Club.
UBI Banca
Illustration for UBI Banca Advertisement.
Brando Magazine
Cover design and illustration for Brando Magazine.
BP Oil Rig Poster
Poster Illustration for British Petroleum.
Nestlé Children in Action
Illustrations and character design for Nestlé Nescau.
Fatiga Cushions
Cushion designs for Fatiga Limited Series Products. Limited edition of 15 (each design) 45 x 45 cm To purchase please contact me at info@tooco.com.ar.
El Rayo Verde
Illustrations, cover and editorial design for the Poetic Anthology Book "El Rayo Verde".
Miami Greenview Hotel
Poster design and illustration for Miami Greenview Hotel.
Super Interessante Magazine
Illustrations for Super Interessante Magazine.
Saúde é Vital Magazine
Illustrations for Saúde é Vital Magazine.
Epoca Negocios Magazine
Illustrations for Epoca Negocios Magazine.
From a Near Future - Solo Show
Solo Show at Standard Bank Foundation. Until 15 September 2013 Mon. to Fri. from 10am to 8pm. Riobamba 1276 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Tecnópolis 2012
Ilustración para Tecnópolis, representando uno de los cien hitos de la historia de la Industria Argentina: “2014 – Nueva planta industrial de Yamaha”. ··· Illustration for Tecnópolis, representing one of the hundred milestones in the history of Argentinian Industry: ”2014 - Yamaha new industrial plant”.
Art Wall for a Playroom / Casa Foa 2012
Art wall for a playroom, designed by Yes, oui si Studio and winner of the Casa Foa 2012 Scholarship.
What it lasts / Personal project
Personal project.
Pictoplasma Art Residency - Berlin 2013
The Members of General Public are pleased to present for the 4th time the Pictoplasma Residency Award. This year's winner is the Argentinean artist Francisco Miranda who presented at General Public his outstanding work. Miranda creates multi-layered wall objects and spatial installations from elaborately cut wooden forms. Reflecting on the architecture of his native city Buenos Aires, he looks at how the old has evolved into the new. His work combines elements of art nouveau and art deco to create an intricately ornamental species of caryatids to shape a futuristic Argentinean metropolis. // Opening: Wed April 10, 2013 // Running Time: April 11 - 14, 2013
Tecnópolis TV
Illustrations, Concept Boards and Art Direction for Alimentos Opening Credits. Tec TV.
Fading Fast / Fine Art Print
Art made for an Online Exhibition curated by Honeycomb and hosted by Each / One.
New Zealand Stamps / Illustration
Illustrations for stamps of the New Zeland Post.
New York Show at Causey Contemporary
HONEYCOMB and Causey Contemporary proudly present Ritual, a group exhibition.
Windows 8 Start Background
Art for the new Microsoft Windows 8. I was one of the 15 artists chosen to illusrate an Start Background for the new version of Microsoft Windows.
Gaudi & Barcelona
Ilustraciones y dirección de arte para comercial de Sanchez Romero caravajal. Concept Boards and Illustrations for Sanchez Romero Caravajal advertisement.
Genesis - Pictoplasma Berlin 2013
Video made for Pictoplasma Berlin 2013, co-directed with the Argentinean artist Francisco Miranda, 4th Pictoplasma Residency Award 2013 winner. Exhibited in the General Public Gallery in Berlin, from 10th to 14th April. Directed by Francisco Miranda & Guillermo Daldovo Art concept and illustration: TOOCO Animation, compositing, editing & sound design: MALEVO Music: "Moon" by ADAPT http://soundcloud.com/adapt
Digital Works
Digital illustrations
Better by Bike / POSTER
Illustration for “Mejor en bici” campaign of Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
THC Magazine Illustrations
Illustrations for THC Magazine.
Mi participación en Tecnópolis, ilustrando uno de los 100 hitos de la Industria Argentina. ENTREGA DE LOS PRIMEROS TRACTORES PAMPA 1954 - CIUDAD DE CÓRDOBA La producción de los Pampa estuvo a cargo de la Fábrica de Tractores, que fue la primera instalada en la Argentina, como parte del complejo de Industrias Aeronáuticas y Mecánicas del Estado (IAME), orientada a revitalizar la industria pesada nacional. El Pampa estaba basado en el diseño de un tractor de origen alemán, que tuvo inmediata aceptación entre los productores locales. La producción total de tractores Pampa se extiende desde 1952 hasta 1963 y alcanzó las 3.760 unidades. Pieza realizada por: TOOCO www.tooco.com.ar
Pepsi Music / Cosquín Rock
Illustration for an advertisement of the 2012 Pepsi Music Festival.
Analog works
Analog works / Mixed Media
Nando Díaz CD
Art Direction, Illustrations and CD Design for Nando Díaz.
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